I am nominated!

I woke up this morning and found myself being nominated for The One Lovely Blog Award, and I had no idea what it actually was.

This blog just became one month old and I am absolutely humbled by the nomination from Miss Phi’s Bookshelf.

As for me, I will now share 7 facts about myself.

I am very introverted, belonging to the Meyers Brigg personality type INTJ. I love doing solitary things like reading, watching things and playing games all by myself.

I wrote in my description that I’m studying computer science, but there was a time when I considered working with movie-making. In the end I didn’t do it, mainly because it’s such a competitive industry, but also that the career-options when working with movies in my country aren’t the brightest. I also love programming, and with the better future within that line of work, I am happy with my choice. But I do still love making movies thought!

While this blog is only a month old, I have been reviewing movies for many years and grading them on IMDb, just that I never wrote anything down. To this day I have rated over 500 movies on the database, all based on my collected thoughts of them in my head.

While film is my favorite type of art, I do also love video games and have been playing them for a long time. I want to write more reviews for them, but since they take longer time to beat than watching a movie, I will never write as many reviews for video games as for movies. I am currently playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and will be posting a review of it when I am done. But that could take a while…

I prefer cats over dogs any day of the week, they take care of themselves and always want to snuggle, perfect for a person with little free time!

My career-goal is to work within the field of computer science, either in a big company or my own small firm, and just develop things with my coding-skills. Maybe video games, maybe some other things. As you see, my plans are pretty open. Hopefully I will continue to make short-films as a hobby, but only the future may tell.

I have no idea how this blog will continue, but I will try my best to stick to my schedule and release 1-2 reviews a week and see what will happen. As I said, I have always reviewed movies in my head, so writing them is not much different to me and should always be fun to do!

1262857_423072587797377_1070919772_o (1)
Me shooting one of my short films


And that was all for me, I will know nominate around 7 other blogs for this review, blog that I myself am interested in. I will not nominate more than that, since I don’t follow many more and would hate to nominate blogs that I don’t care that much about. I have read through my nominees and can carefully say that I believe that they are qualified for The One Lovely Blog Award.

With that out of the way, here are my nominees!

Lost in translation, lost in games

Mortal Reader

The Golden Scribbler

The Coffee & Kindle

Let’s Watch Anime!

Effs Gaming Blog


The CarrCom Blog

I hope you keep reading, next time I will be reviewing a certain fishy Tim Burton movie.



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